Cost of Care and Benefits

In the last seven years the revenue generated by the insurance (terminally ill) sector is approximately 755-800 million USDs annually. Community based Health care providers like Catholic providers volunteer in sharing the cost of care for a dying person. They also can provide bereavement services before /after a patient dies. This lifts some burden out of the patient’s family. Medicare Hospice Benefits covers Private Insurance, HMO’s and Managed Care Programs and a terminally ill person may also get the insured amount or the benefits even before his/her death. They can also avail the facility of Travel Insurance as it has been endorsed lately by a lot of insurers. Some hospice care service providers also provide the care free of cost taking the inability of the patient’s family into consideration. If a dying patient or his/her family members are not able to pay then the volunteer services take care of the financial proceedings.
  • Community Based Health Care Providers
  • Medicare Hospice Benefits
  • Private Insurance, HMO’s and Managed Care Programs
  • Free services based on need or inability to pay

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