Critical Care Nursing & Emergency Nursing

Critical care nursing is the branch of Medical Science which targets on the ultimate care of the alarmingly ill or sensitive patients succeeding huge injury, surgery or life threatening diseases.. In emergency nursing, the nurse must be experienced at rapid, accurate physical diagnosis, initial recognition of life-threatening illness or damage. This position is highly delicate and for the life-saving of the patient a convenient support to the specialist will be very essential. Mostly, these cases specify cardiac issues, paediatric issues, burning accidents, accidental cases, trauma cases etc.


  • Respiratory assessment
  • Airway assessment and management
  • Emergency assessment and management of severe burns
  • Patient assessment and management
  • Role of the Emergency Nurse in Sexual Assault Services
  • Assessing a child/infant
  • Nurses and Disaster Management
  • Obstetric and gynaecological emergencies
  • Immediately life-threatening

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