Crude Oil Production

 Crude Oil is also commonly  called as “ Black Gold”. It is formed from the  high temperature and pressure on  buried remains of animals and plants that lived over millions of years ago in the environment. Oil and Gas are hydrocarbons because they are the compound of carbon and hydrogen atoms. By the  increase in temperature, organic matter is first changed into kerogen , which is a solid form of hydrocarbon .At around 90°C, it is changed into a liquid state, which we call oil and at around 150°C, it is converted into a gas. A rock that has produced oil and gas in this way is known as a Source Rock

It mainly comprises of hydrocarbon molecules and formed from marine species, upwelling water and Black Shale.  It can also classified as either “sweet crude” (sulphur content less than 0.5%) or “sour crude”(sulphur content is at least 2.5%).Mixture of  hydrocarbon molecules are responsible for its variations in colour ,composition and inconsistency.

  • Origin
  • Geographical Regions
  • Oil Traps
  • Reservoir Rocks
  • Drilling
  • Enhanced Recovery Techniques
  • Refinery Sites
  • Supply and Demand
  • Transportation Facilities

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