Current Advances in Pharmacology

Advances in pharmacology during the last few decades have been useful in revolutionizing all aspects in modern life. Production of new drugs has significantly contributed to new developments in health and economic impacts. Acquiring new knowledge in the fields of pharmacology will certainly accelerate in future. On numerous disciplines and technological advances, pharmacology has a profound impact in designing and discovering a new molecule.


Advances in medicine throughout the previous few decades are helpful in revolutionizing all aspects in trendy life. Production of recent medication has considerably contributed to new developments in health and economic impacts and exploiting the new information within the fields of medicine will definitely accelerate in future. On various disciplines and technological advances, medicine features a profound impact in coming up with and discovering a replacement molecule.

  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Medical Complications of Toxicants
  • Pharmacoepidemeology
  • Molecular Pharmacology

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