Cybersecurity Future Proof: 2025

What does the world look like in 2025? What technology, process and staffing considerations should you be making now to prepare for whatever may lie in the future to put you ahead of the adversary? Cybersecurity Future Proof: 2025 delivers a rare look into the security crystal ball and includes traditional presentations and interactive lab-like sessions, designed for the cross-section of world Conference 2020 (CYBER SECURITY) attendees from technology, business, academia, policy and law, to help frame your future thinking.


  • “Threat information sharing” will become more balanced between companies and the government as red tape is removed.
  • Despite the proliferation of new tools for data computation and data security, there will be a massive lack of good data scientists and cybersecurity professionals.
  • We have a massive wealth of data on threats but we have little in the way of proactive prevention of threats – but this will change.

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