Cytopathology & Histopathology

Cytopathology is a demonstrative method that analyses cells from different body sites to decide the vector and character of the infection. Cytopathology is generally utilized on tests of free cells or tissue parts; in differentiate to histopathology, which study entire tissues. Histopathology is the study of tissues (histology) and cells (cytology) and usually incorporates morbid dissections. Cytopathology deals with the inspection of tissues and cells under the microscope to evaluate the disease conditions and histopathologists are responsible for making tissue analyse and helping clinicians oversee a patient’s care.

  • Cytology
  • Exfoliative cytopathology
  • Clinical & molecular cytopathology
  • Gynaecological and breast cytopathology
  • Cytopathology & disease diagnosis
  • Cytopathology case reports
  • Cervical cytopathology
  • Diagnostic cytopathology
  • Cancer cytopathology
  • Molecular cytopathology
  • Forensic histopathology

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