Defence applied Smart Materials

History reveals that most advances in technology across the world developed during war for destruction and later used for Construction. Wernher von Braun Knew as father of rocket science. He was aerospace engineer for Germany during World War-2 and built liquid fuel aircraft with rocket power for the first time, post war he worked for NASA in Building Saturn V. unlike many more technical advances processed in defence till this day, many were classified but only certain researches can be revealed and helpful in construction of world relation.

Defence applied Smart Materials deals with Naval architecture, Structural mechanism of high speed jet engines, Solder exoskeleton robot, High tensile steel, Self-healing material, Super elasticity materials & Kevlar

  • Naval architecture
  • Structural mechanism of high speed jet engines
  • Solder exoskeleton robot
  • High tensile steel
  • Self-healing material
  • Super elasticity materials
  • Kevlar

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