Dental Biomaterial

Dental Biomaterials include both the use of natural and synthetic dental tissues like enamel, cementum, dentin and polymers, composites, ceramics, etc. respectively. Dental bio materials are used to repair damaged, decayed teeth. These biomaterials are of different types i.e. orthodontics, braces, implants, etc. Orthodontics is a part of dentistry that leads to the alignment of teeth and jaws to improve oral health. Braces are mainly used in orthodontics to straighten teeth and to treat irregularities in teeth. Dental implants are the cylindrical forms made up of titanium, which is used as a substitute for any missing teeth. Prosthesis means a device designed to replace a missing part of the body Diseased or missing eyes, arms, hands, legs, or joints are replaced by using prosthetic devices. False teeth are known as dental prostheses. It is expected that the market for dental implants and dental biomaterials will grow at an overall CAGR of 7% and 12.5% respectively from 2010 – 2017.

  • Implants and Prosthesis
  • Implant Surgery
  • Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research
  • Restorative Implants
  • Advanced Surgeries and Complex Cases
  • Orthodontics: Braces
  • Natural Biomaterials
  • Ceramic Biomaterials
  • DNA and RNA as Biomaterials
  • Energy Materials

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