Dental Products and Dental Material Sciences

\r\n Dental products can be classified into various subcategories like diagnostics, drugs and pharmaceuticals, equipment and materials, whitening products, etc. Over the counter products include toothpaste, powered toothbrushes, manual toothbrushes, mouthwashes. The quality of treatment depends on the quality of product used for the treatment. Marketing is key to success for any business, and dentistry is not exception to that. Because of the boom in information technology, general dental patients are more aware of the options available to them; this makes marketing a challenge for both manufacturing companies and dentists for their respective products and services. Some platforms and methods used by manufacturing companies and dentists for marketing include: Website, search engine optimization, online reputation management and branding.


\r\n In recent years, research in science and modern dentistry has been driven by developments in dental biomaterials science. A biomaterial is any substance or drug that has been designed to interact with a biological system for a therapeutic or medical cause. With the development of any new biocompatible materials, it can be used for the improvement of the presently existing materials characteristics that can in turn broaden the applications of biomaterials in dentistry field. The most commonly used biomaterials including dentin bonding, luting agent, glass ionomers and ceramics require a better understanding in multidisciplinary approach, for the development of new desi oral hard tissues regeneration. The Dental Biomaterials are targeted to treatment in dental enamel, dentine, dental pulp, periodontium, bone,oral, soft tissues, regeneration, arresting dental caries, enamel and dentine remineralization, repairing congenital defects (cleft lip and palate), enhancing dento-facial aesthetics.


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