Depression and anxiety in COPD

Depression and anxiety in COPD are standard in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), evaluations of their pervasiveness differ significantly. These likely reflect the variety of scales and techniques used to measure such symptoms. Patients with COPD with three or more comorbidities more likely to be frequently hospitalized and may die prematurely compared with COPD patients without comorbidities. An uplifted experience of dyspnoea is likely contributing segment to nervousness. Feelings of depression may be precipitated by the loss and grief related with the inability of COPD. Smoking has been related with nicotine addiction, and the variables that contribute to smoking may also predispose to anxiety and depressive disorders. The cause of depression and anxiety manifestations are multifactorial and include behavioural, social and biological factors. COPD Conferences paves a way towards a break-through in pulmonology research field.


  • Prevalence in COPD
  • Classification and diagnostic criteria
  • Clinical features and impact
  • Screening and diagnosis
  • Risk factors
  • Mechanism of potential association with COPD

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