Dermatological nail diseases

Nail diseases are distinct from diseases of the skin. Although nails are a skin appendage, they have their own signs and symptoms which may relate to other medical conditions. Nail conditions that show signs of infection or inflammation require medical assistance. Deformity or disease of the nails may be referred to as onychosis. Other nail diseases are Onycholysis, onychomycosis, tinea unguium, allergic contact dermatitis. Onycholysis is the painless of the nail from the nail bed. Onychomycosis is very difficult eradicate. 

The market size and statistics for the nail disease related industries reached $53bn, annually growing by 2.4%. The industry is dominated by non-employers, which are expected to make up 92.7% of companies in the industry. 

Onycholysis is the painless separation of the nail from the nail bed. Chemical overexposure in manicures or nail tip application, allergic contact dermatitis, a local reaction similar to the reaction to "poison Ivy" to nail hardener or adhesives used to attach the nail tips, or simply to prolonged immersion in water. Fungal infection and psoriasis can also cause onycholysis. Onychomycosis, Tinea unguium, nail fungus, Toenail infection is usually associated with tinea pedis. It is very difficult to eradicate. Often the great toenail is the first to show signs, especially if it has been injured. The nail yellows, and after years thickens and breaks easily. Fingernail infections are similar, but less common, 

  • Onychomycosis: signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
  • Paronychia: signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
  • Onychia, onychocryptosis, onychodestrophy, onychogryposis
  • Discoloration, Colour changes and markings on nails
  • Important procedures to be included for the treatment for nails

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