Development of commercial Horticulture Farms

Availability of quality planting material is extremely essential for a prosperous commercial vegetable cultivation. Farmers usually prepare little nurseries in their curtilage entirely for private usage. However in the event of pest and disease incidence, natural disaster or field mortality of plants in early stages, the farmer doesn’t have doesn’t have enough time to nurture a new nursery. To deal with this issue farmers are supplied with polyhouses/nethouses for production of quality planting material on commercial purpose in protected conditions. They are supplied with the structure, with accessories and initial consumables, and are trained in field concerning advanced nursery management technologies like soil solarisation, grafting, sowing, fertilisation, raised beds, pest and disease management activities, etc.

  • Basic principles & Propagation Techniques
  • Turfgrass science
  • Floral art
  • International Horticulture

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