Developmental and Nutritional Epigenetics

Epigenetic factors  are also called as  epigenetic marks control many functions of cells in our bodies. From time to time, epigenetic marks cause certain genes to be turned on or off at various phases of the body's development and growth in a way that prompts to a disease onset

In this way, researchers and scientists have been able to find the thin line which is connecting the following diseases to Epigenetics

§  Autism

§  ATR-X syndrome

§  Angelman syndrome

§  Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome

§  Coffin-Lowry syndrome

§  Fragile X syndrome

§  Heart disease

§  Obesity

§  Prader-Willi syndrome

§  Rett syndrome

§  Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome,

§  Various Cancers

This track also deals with the modification’s and changes that greatly affects the processes such as DNA methylation and histone modifications like embryonic development, aging, and carcinogenesis

Epigenetics plays a key role in wide range of diseases like type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, inflammation, and neurocognitive disorders. Nutritional Epigenetics can be considered as an attractive tool to anticipate and prevent Cancer and pediatric developmental diseases

Epigenetic elements are likewise called as epigenetic imprints control many elements of cells in our bodies. Now and again, epigenetic marks cause certain qualities to be turned on or off at different periods of the body's improvement and development in a way that prompts to an infection onset 
Along these lines, specialists and researchers have possessed the capacity to locate the thin line which is associating the accompanying sicknesses to Epigenetics 
ATR-X disorder 
Angelman disorder 
Beckwith Wiedemann disorder 
Coffin-Lowry disorder 
Fragile X disorder 
Heart ailment 
Prader-Willi disorder 
Rett disorder 
Rubinstein-Taybi disorder, 
Various Cancers 
This track likewise manages the alteration's and changes that significantly influences the procedures, for example, DNA methylation and histone adjustments like embryonic advancement, maturing, and carcinogenesis 
Epigenetics assumes a key part in extensive variety of illnesses like sort 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, irritation, and neurocognitive issue. Dietary Epigenetics can be considered as an appealing device to expect and forestall Cancer and pediatric formative infections

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