Diabetic Education and Healthcare

Diabetes education is an integral component of the diabetes care and management, because diabetes requires day-to-day knowledge of nutrition, exercise, monitoring, and medication. And also an  healthy diet is the central to manage of diabetes. The main goal of patient education is for people with diabetes need to improve their skills, knowledge and confidence enabling them to take increasing control of their own condition and integrate effective self-management into their daily lives. High-quality structured education can also have an effect on health outcomes and can also significantly improve quality of life. The potential benefits of an effective patient education programme for people with diabetes should include health beliefs, improving knowledge, lifestyle changes and improving patient outcomes.

  • Weight management
  • Psychosocial adjustment
  • Medication adherence in diabetes
  • Nutritional management
  • Diabetes disease process
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Education for insulin users and non-insulin users 

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