Diabetic Heart Diseases & Management

Having diabetes means in that person more likely to develop congenital heart disease and have a greater chance of a heart attack or a stroke also. People with diabetes are also more likely to have certain conditions, which increase the chances of having heart disease, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. If person have diabetes, that person can protect their heart and health by managing blood glucose, also called blood sugar, as well as blood pressure and cholesterol. Over time, that sugar build-up damages human nerves, heart, blood vessels and kidneys. The long-time person heaving diabetes, then higher chances that person will develop heart disease.

Diabetic heart disease is treated with lifestyle changes, medical procedures and medicines. The goals of treating diabeti heart disease include:

  • Controlling diabetes and any other heart disease risk factors person have, unhealthy blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure
  • Reducing or relieving heart disease symptoms, such as angina (discomfort or chest pain)
  • Preventing or delaying heart disease complications, such as a heart attack
  • Repairing heart and coronary artery damage
  • Risks associated with T2D and CVD
  • Diabetic cardiomyopathy
  • Diabetes, heart disease, and stroke
  • Abnormal cholesterol levels
  • Family history of heart disease

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