Diagnosis and Prevention of Oral Diseases

Diagnosis and prevention of oral diseases is not a simple task because the oral diseases may be a result of the various factors. Some of them may be due to the infections caused by the bacteria, fungi or viruses while some may be caused by the dental injuries. The diagnosis and prevention of the oral diseases includes various steps and procedures. The advancement of photography imaging provides endless quantity of knowledge to assess the patient’s oral health. The mixture of high accuracy 3D actinic ray surface pictures with 3D CBCT pictures area unit wont to produce a virtual patient that specifically displays each the arduous and soft tissue structures.  Secretion nosology has been researched for years to see whether or not it's wont to notice the standing and susceptibleness to each oral and general case.

The term “diagnosis” is employed for the determination of the character of an illness. The goal of the care is to produce economical preventive measures and best therapeutic management of the dental issues. People have nice variations in their illness progression rates wherever the upper risk has been noted among smokers, diabetics and patients with alternative severe diseases. The medical man role is progressing from a restorative medical man to specialist and case manager counting on their psychological feature skills. The most aim is to concentrate on illness interference, early discovery and intervention to minimize treatment that successively permits desired treatment outcome.

  • Dental health and overall health
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques
  • Sequel of radiation on oral tissue
  • Biopsy and bacteriology
  • Oral hygiene
  • Fissure sealants
  • Diet and plaque control
  • Prevention of periodontal diseases
  • Impact of tobacco use in oral cavity

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