Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases are performed by doctors along with the help of lab technicians and thereby determines what kind of infections occurred. They even tend to diagnose and check the symptoms during the process of image scanning or any lab tests. The laboratory and clinical test includes a variety of infectious diseases which have almost similar symptoms and signs. In some cases, the body fluid or the sample collected for testing reveals the microbe that invaded into human body causing illness. This makes the doctor to diagnose in an efficient way and proceed with the treatments. During the diagnosis they follow various forms of diagnostic procedures or methods which include Blood test, Throat Swabs, Spinal tap, Urine test, Stool sample and so on. Apart from these they undergo image scanning techniques and Biopsies, Knowing the proper type of germ the physician/doctor prescribes the equivalent dosage of drug/medications.


  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Throat swabs
  • Stool sample
  • Spinal tap

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