Dietary Cholesterol & Metabolism

Cholesterol is a waxy material, fat-like substance that developed naturally in the human body. Many people think of cholesterol as being harmful, but the real truth is that it's essential for total body to function, like making of vitamin D, and hormones, and perform various other important functions. But cholesterol absorbs a relatively small amounts from certain foods, such as eggs, meat and full-fat dairy products. Human bodies having two types of cholesterols that are: dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol is found in the food people eat, and serum cholesterol naturally exists in our blood, and can rise to an unhealthy level leading to heart disease and clogged arteries. Cholesterol that is carried throughout the blood by something called lipoproteins.

Cholesterol metabolism is most frequent endogenous cause of diabetic Mellitus states. In this mainly three main mechanisms seem to be involved in these alterations: 1) an increased glycation of cholesterol-rich lipoproteins, 2) an insulin-resistant state which is mainly present in overweight type 2 diabetic patients, and 3) changes in insulin secretion which depends on the clinical type of diabetes.

  • Cholesterol-Free Food
  • Portfolio Diet
  • Dietary Cholesterol and Heart Disease
  • Interaction between Glucose and Lipid Metabolism
  • Cholesterol and glucose metabolism

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