Digital Dentistry, 3D Imaging and Dental Technology

Digital dentistry is the use of digital technology to perform dental mechanisms using computer controlled components. It replaces the use of electrical and mechanical tools in the field of dentistry through innovative methods. Most widely used digital solutions are Intraoral cameras, Digital Radiography, Digital Fabrication and Digital Scanning and milling. The generated digital photographs further assist treatment process, whereas digital radiography plays a vital role in eliminates the faults in film processing. Digital scanning and milling allows optical scanning and 3D imaging within hours of tooth preparationThese techniques enhances the doctors to eliminate the inaccuracies by providing faster results which in turn cuts off the extra time and cost in dental procedures.

3D imaging is a technology that allows dentist to see detailed 3 dimensional images of the teeth, bones as well as soft tissues surrounding them. It is also called Cone beam as the beam is in the shape of cone. It takes 600 slices of information about your mouth, and then special software assembles this into <span 10pt;="" line-height:="" 115%;="" font-family:="" "book="" antiqua",="" serif;\"="">three dimensional views. General cases of 3D imaging is:

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