Digital Pathology Case Reports

Digital pathology offers a wider accessibility to microscopic slides improving a working flexibility of pathologists.

One of its main advantages against traditional microscopy, in addition to ergonomics and immediate access to slides, is distance reporting. Large validation studies were limited to the diagnostic accuracy and cost-effectiveness of the remote frozen section and consultation services, some briefly mentioning remote access for local pathologists and management of excessive workload by private clinic, however, without a detailed analysis of the technical and professional issues with distance reporting.

In an era of increased workload, case complexity, financial constraints, and staffing shortages, many pathology departments worldwide are experiencing, a wider implementation of digital pathology is seen as justifiable.

The aim of this session is to make comprehensive pathology services available by distance.

Various fields of digital pathology include Anatomic pathology, Bio banking and Digital Repositories, Computational pathology, Dermatopathology and Diagnostics, Digital Imaging Modalities, Forensic pathology, Radiology, Quantitative image analysis, Telepathology and Virtual microscopy.

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