Discovery of Proteomics

A key aspect to the comprehensive characterization of protein products is the quantitative analysis of protein profiles. The development of proteomics is a timely one for cardiovascular research. Analyses at the organ, subcellular, and molecular levels have revealed dynamic, complex, and subtle intracellular processes associated with heart and vascular disease. Comprehensive molecular level analysis at the DNA, RNA, protein and dynamic protein pathways and networks through Proteogenomics and network modelling can greatly enhance our understanding of cancer systems. Mass spectrometry based proteomics technologies have allowed for a great progress in identifying disease biomarkers for clinical diagnosis and prognosis. However, they face acute challenges from a data reproducibility standpoint, in that no two independent studies have been found to produce the same proteomic patterns. Top-down proteomics is a method of protein identification that uses an ion trapping mass spectrometer to store an isolated protein ion for mass measurement and tandem mass spectrometry analysis.

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