Diversification in Aquaculture

The diversification of aquaculture will serve to strengthen and consolidate the growth of Mediterranean industry, through the incorporation of technologies that will permit the cultivation of resources of great importance in the international market. In particular, for the aquaculture sector, the results obtained will allow specific possibilities for growth to be generated, through the creation of new companies, new species with good traits, new products with good economic value and through the expansion of those that already exist.

The Mediterranean has a large number of resources that will facilitate diversification in its aquaculture activities, in terms of not only the species cultivated but the diversification of cultivation densities, types of companies and markets. Diversification seeks to distribute the risks , access new market opportunities and occupy wider geographic areas or their hydrological resources. Complement the existing supply and Contribute to allowing aquaculture to expand through cultivating new species with the potential to be converted into activities that are economically sustainable. Diversify aquaculture production through cultivating hydro-biological resources that are easy to implement and handle in technical terms, creating new investment alternatives for both the industrial and the traditional fishing sectors.

  • Introducing new species
  • Development of new, sustainable and value-added commercial products
  • Development of new marketing strategies and working methods

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