Diversity of microbes and viruses

Microorganisms are called microbes for short. This class of life forms includes cellular life forms as well as the non-living crystals called viruses that parasitize living cells. The category called microbes includes viruses, bacteria, protists, some forms of fungus organisms and a few simple members of the animal kingdom. Microbes exist everywhere in abundance. Most are not harmful but some in category are known as pathogens and are harmful. The term pathogen indicates disease causing.

  • Genomic diversity within
  • Mechanisms for diversity and evolution
  • Characterizing microbial diversity and ecology
  • Characterizing the importance of microbial diversity for ecosystem function
  • Developing new microbial platforms for producing pharmaceuticals
  • Ecophysiology of microbes
  • Evolutionary diversity of microbial life
  • Tree of life to the web of gene trees
  • Dynamic genes
  • Ancient world of viruses
  • Microbial influence evolution on their hosts
  • Diversity and evolution of human species microbes
  • Function of the gene over individual species sets
  • Gut microbes diversity and evolution
  • DNA exchange
  • Human antibodies in microbial diversity and evolution
  • Diversity and evolution of complex cellular life
  • Co-evolution and diversity of microbes and viruses
  • Prints of microbes in evolution of the Earth
  • Symbiotic microbial enzymes
  • Antibiotic or antimicrobial resistance vs Microbial diversity and evolution
  • Geographic Isolation driving force in diversity and evolution
  • Controlled environment in microbial diversity and evolution
  • Conservation Biology

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