Drug Abuse and toxicity

Epidemiological data have identified chronic alcohol consumption as a significant risk factor for upper alimentary tract cancer, including cancer of the oropharynx, larynx and the oesophagus and of the liver. The increased risk attributable to alcohol consumption of cancer in the large intestine and in the breast is much smaller. However, although the risk is lower, carcinogenesis can be enhanced with relatively low daily doses of ethanol. Considering the high prevalence of these tumours, even a small increase in cancer risk is of great importance, especially in those individuals who exhibit a higher risk for other reasons. The epidemiological data on alcohol and other organ cancers is controversial and there is at present not enough evidence for a significant association. Although the exact mechanisms by which chronic alcohol ingestion stimulates carcinogenesis are not known, experimental studies in animals support the concept that ethanol is not a carcinogen but under certain experimental conditions is a cocarcinogen and/or tumour promoter. The metabolism of ethanol leads to the generation of acetaldehyde (AA) and free radicals. Evidence has accumulated that acetaldehyde is predominantly responsible for alcohol associated carcinogenesis. Acetaldehyde is carcinogenic and mutagenic, binds to DNA and proteins, destructs folate and results in secondary hyperproliferation. Acetaldehyde is produced by tissue alcohol hydrogenases, cytochrome P 4502E1 and through bacterial oxidative metabolism in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.


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