Drug Design and Chemistry: Cancer Studies

Integrative cancer biology and genetics explains the internal secretion and carcinoma theme which analyze members of the HIV/AIDS and cancer medical specialty. Development theme measures the actively concerned cancer killing virus medical aid. Medicinal chemistry of antitumor medication and proteins concerned in cancer development is used for target identification, lead discovery, development and compound analysis. These embody insilico primarily based upon the macromolecule natural property, in-vitro and in-vivo biological analysis, insilico prediction of pharmacokinetic parameters and increasing into drug delivery and formulation technology. Major therapeutic areas of interest embody drug delivery for cancer medication, together with internal secretion dependent and freelance pathologies, anti-viral agents and advances in antineoplastic targets like brain disorder, depression, anxiety and substance abuse.
  • Integrative cancer biology and genomics
  • Advances in cancer drug targets
  • HIV/AIDS & cancer virology
  • Medicinal chemistry of anticancer drugs
  • Melatonin and breast cancer
  • Proteins involved in cancer development

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