Drug Discovery and Designing

Drug discovery process basically is a patient oriented science, where researchers strive to improve the existing drugs or invent a totally new chemical entity, which should be ideally more potent than any existing drug of a similar category. Strategies to reduce medical uncertainty and build evidence have become critical to the advancement of medical knowledge and modern medical practice. As new techniques and strategies have arisen, so has the need for a current reference work. Drug Discovery and Design examines the latest research in the development of these new strategies. A knowledge of the structure of receptor sites and computer modelling techniques to predict the binding of drug molecules to these sites means that research is now able to identify likely candidates for new drugs before the drug has even been synthesised by chemists.

  • Identification of drug targets
  • Validation of drug targets
  • Computer-Aided Drug Design
  • Lead Search and Optimization
  • Pharmacopoeia Mapping
  • Linear combination of atomic orbitals
  • Stereochemistry of organic molecules

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