Drug Formulation & Analytical Techniques

Pharmaceutical formulation in pharmaceutics is the process in which various chemical substances including the vigorous drug are joined to produce a final medicinal product. Formulation studies involve developing a preparation of the drug which is both stable and acceptable to the patient. For orally taken drugs, this usually contains combining the drug into a tablet or a capsule. Formulations confirm that the drug is compatible with these other substances. In the pharmaceutical drug formulations, the different physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of a drug are considered so as to know what other ingredients should be used in the preparation. The various factors like polymorphism, particle size, pH, and solubility are all considered while formulating the drug, also considering the appearance of the tablet.

  • Formulation Types
  • Sources of Drug Formulation
  • Advanced Formulation Techniques
  • Chromatography Techniques
  • Spectroscopy Techniques
  • Electrochemical Methods
  • Titrimetric Techniques

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