Electronic prescribing or e-prescribing (e-Rx) is a PC based electronic generation, transmission and filling of a medicinal prescription by supplanting the papers and faxed prescriptions. E-prescribing permits a doctor, nurture expert, or doctor collaborator to electronically transmit another remedy or restoration approval to a network or mail-request drug store. It diagrams the capacity to send blunder free, precise, and reasonable prescriptions electronically from the healthcare provider to the pharmacy. E-prescribing is intended to diminish the dangers related with conventional remedy content composition. It is additionally one of the significant purposes behind the push for electronic restorative records. By sharing therapeutic solution data, e-prescribing looks to associate the patient's group of healthcare services to encourage proficient decision making the purpose of establishment of e-Prescription.            

  • Users (Doctors) can be able to register to the system
  • Patients can be able to register to the System
  • Can be able to list all patients list
  • Can provide new prescription Request
  • Able to provide change prescription request
  • Provided with order status of an existing prescription
  • Can Refill, request & response to refill request

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