Earth Evolution Sciences

The tale of our planet is an epic filled with crises, calamities, and incredible, recurring change. Earth traces its origin to simple atoms that were created in the big bang, transformed into heavy elements in stellar explosions, and then forged into a planet inside the nebula that gave birth to the solar system. Like many other planets, Earth went through many stages: immense heat due to accretion and volcanoes, bombardment by asteroids, one of which dislodged the moon, the cooling phase which caused condensation of H2O to form rain, volcanoes ejecting gases (CO2, N2, and H2), forming the early atmosphere, and finally cyanobacteria in the primitive oceans set the foundation for a flourishing biosphere—life. And once life was established, it drove the evolution of our planet in amazing new directions.

Earth Evolution Sciences are the scientific study of structure, composition, history and mechanics of our planet by quantitative geological, physical, chemical and biological methods for forecasting the future. The Earth Evolution Sciences embraces a wide range of fields, including paleobiological sciences, paleogeosphere science, geodynamics, petrology, mineralogy, planetary resource geology, and Earth historical analysis; the last is an exchange program with the National Museum of Nature and Science.

  • Earth Evolution: Surface life and climate
  • Formation of Earth and other planets
  • Formation of Earth and other planets
  • Earth’s Interior
  • Evolution of Earth’s Climate & Habitability
  • Earth Dynamics

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