Ecological and Systematic Parasitology

These moving areas of parasitology are rooted in the study of the evolution of parasites and their interactions with the environment providing by their hosts. These basic areas of review often lead to breakthroughs in functional areas of parasitology with direct or indirect benefits to man.

With our increasing cognizance that human activities cause significant environmental destruction and extinction of species, biodiversity studies have recently expected a new importance. Major efforts are underway globally to behaviour floristic and faunistic surveys and document the spreading of species. Because the number of species of parasites exceeds the number of species of free-living plants and animals, it is clear that biodiversity research will involve the talents and efforts of parasitologists. Methods developed by molecular biologists have been useful to questions regarding relationships among taxonomic groups of parasites and are providing controlling new insights. The study of ecological aspects of host/parasite relationships has promoted greatly from the use of computer technology to vastly increase the ability of parasitologists to quantify and investigate the dynamics of parasite populations. The tools of molecular biology are also being assimilated into the field of ecological parasitology and the promise of new detections regarding parasite life cycles, detection and identification of parasites, patterns of parasite transmission, and colonization are extremely exciting

  • Interactions with the environment provided by the hosts
  • Significant environmental destruction
  • Globally conduct floristic
  • Biodiversity research
  • The study of ecological aspects of host/parasite relationships

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