Ecology and Evolution

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology lies at the intersection of ecology and evolutionary biology. It approaches the study of ecology in a way that explicitly considers the evolutionary histories of species and the interactions between them. Conversely, it can be seen as an approach to the study of evolution that incorporates an understanding of Ethno biology and Conservation of Natural heritage. The main subfields of evolutionary ecology are life history evolution, Social ecology and sustainability, the evolution of interspecific relations (cooperation, predator-prey interactions, parasitism, Investigations of genetic load and mutualism) and Population Ecology and Ecosystem. Ecology and Evolution has been a prime concern for researchers and environmentalists for the growing environmental issues. Some of the major universities concentrating being Stanford University, The University of Arizona focusing specially on Population Ecology, University of Illinois, University of Michigan and The University of Kansan with indeed the number going upto 600.
  • Ethno biology and Conservation of Natural heritage
  • Investigations of genetic load
  • Population Ecology and Ecosystem
  • Biodiversity and genetic changes
  • Plant ecology and biogeography
  • Plant molecular Biology & Physiology
  • New Trends In Ecological Researches and Climate Change
  • Nano materials in the field of Ecology
  • Eco immunology
  • Phylogenetic ecology
  • Study of nutritional ecology
  • Social ecology and sustainability

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