Electromagnetism which is known as the science of charge and forces and fields generally associated with charge. The most important aspect of electromagnetism is the discipline of electricity which is concerned with the behavior of aggregates of charge and also including the distribution of charge inside the matter and even the motion of charge from place to place. Electromagnetism, generally related to the electromagnetic force that results the attraction and repulsion of an electrically charged particles. It is considered as one of the fundamental forces in nature which also comprises gravitational and nuclear forces. The force and conservation laws are only two important aspects of electromagnetism.

  • Electrical fields and magnetic fields
  • Magnetic field of steady currents
  • Eddy currents and their related studies
  • Mathematical description of electromagnetic field
  • Magnetic permeability and susceptibility
  • Inductance, computational electromagnetics
  • Baryonic and non-baryonic dark matter
  • Superclusters,filaments and voids
  • Models of Neutrino Masses and Mixing
  • Dark matter and dark energy

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