Emerging Areas of Nanotechnology

Developing areas of Nano technology includes Nano medicine, advancements of Nano materials with biology paved a way to the development of contrast agents, diagnostic devices, physical therapy applications, drug delivery vehicles and analytical tools. Environmental uses like Nanotechnology in water treatment, Nano filtration , and Environmental applications of Nanotechnology , efficiency of energy production like solar cells, Energy applications of nanotechnology ,information and communication and heavy industries, basic goods like food ,house hold supplies.

Emerging Fields of Nano Technology includes Nano analysis which refers to special techniques for determining the atomic structures of materials, Nano biotechnology /Nano medical technology, this field of nanotechnology combines technological processes with the knowledge of bio systems at Nano level, Nano materials/ Nano chemistry, deals with creating and manipulating Nano active chemical systems. Supra molecular functional systems are the basic principles for forming new materials, Nano electronics,  Nano optics, include the research, development and production of optical components, structures and systems on the Nano meter scale Bio molecular Detection, Micro- and Nano- Fluidics, Computational Nanotechnology,  Nano scale Manufacturing,, Nanotechnology Devices for Early Detection of Cancer and so on.

  • Nanobubbles technology
  • Spintronics & Nanomagnetism
  • Nanoprinting & Nanopacking
  • Materials tribology: Fundamentals, applications and solutions
  • Self-Assembly, Supra- and Nano-Molecular Systems and Materials
  • Nanotechnology application for biomedical instrumentation and devices

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