Emerging Protozoan Pathogens Infectious Diseases


<p style="\&quot;text-align:" justify;\"="">\ Emerging Protozoan pathogens and Infectious Diseases session facilitates to discuss the factors driving the appearance, establishment, and spread of emerging, re-emerging and novel protozoan diseases; the global health and economic impacts of recently emerging and novel protozoan diseases; and the scientific and policy approaches to improving domestic and international capacity to detect and respond to global outbreaks of infectious disease.




  • Medically important parasitic protozoan
  • Identification of protozoan parasites
  • Biological and molecular aspects
  • Antiprotozoal agents
  • Conservative character of medical classification
  • Prevalence emerging protozoan diseases
  • Invasion mechanisms of protozoan parasites
  • Pathogenic and free-living amoebae
  • Drug resistance in protozoan parasites
  • Intestinal pathogenic protozoan infestation
  • Opportunistic protozoan diseases
  • Medical protozoology
  • Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of protozoan infections
  • Factors of emergence of protozoan diseases
  • Risks of protozoan infection occurance
  • Protozoan parasite behavior of infected hosts
  • Convergent emergence of protozoan parasite and bacteria
  • Viral symbionts of a protozoan parasites
  • Potential vaccines against protozoan diseases
  • Druggable genome targets

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