Endocrinal Obesity and Hormonal Therapy

Endocrinology is a branch of biology and medicine dealing with theendocrine system, its diseases, and its specific secretions known ashormones. It is also concerned with the integration of developmental events proliferation, growth, and differentiation, and the psychological or behavioural activities of metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sleep, digestion, respiration, excretion, mood and sensory perception caused by hormones.

A neuroendocrine signal is a"classical" hormone that is released into the blood by a neurosecretory neuron. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife.

  • Endocrine and metabolic diseases public health and prevention
  • Treatment and diagnosis of endocrine diseases
  • Clinical practice and research of endocrine metabolic diseases
  • Molecular and genetic endocrinology
  • Neuroendocrinology

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