Endoscopy, Diagnosis and Imaging Techniques

Surgery and endoscopy of the ear may be a useful, minimally invasive approach to remove pathologic lesions and yet retain ear function. Several different endoscopic ear surgical entry sites and strategies that may help to preserve otologic function are described in this track. These endoscopic surgical method alternatives are based ontemporal bone studies, prior literature, and clinical patient experiences. Endoscopic ear surgery is a challenging, but potentially very useful method to address inner ear problems.


  • Radiologic Imaging of the paranasal sinuses and skull base
  • Endoscopic anatomy of the skull base and parasellar region
  • Endoscopic skull base reconstruction- Complications
  • Genetic diagnosis of hereditary hearing loss
  • Otologic and neurotologic diagnostics and tests
  • Rinne’s test
  • Role of maskers in tinnitus management
  • Impedance matching function of middle ear
  • CS 9300 for ENT and dental imaging
  • Temporal bone imaging

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