Energy Efficiency and Storage

Bio-energy is attractive and seeking more attention worldwide because of it will have almost no green-house effect as long as the carbon di oxide given out is absorbed by the next crop of biomass. At present, biomass is converted into electricity most often by direct combustion, followed by a steam cycle. Power plants are in operation mainly in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Germany and Italy as well. The present state of the technology of power generation from biomass combustion shows overall efficiencies which are above 30% (LHV). The concept of carbon storage is used to produce carbon negative power. In developing such storage the main focus is on cost friendly capture and storage technology as in future it can be applied to a wide range of energy plants.

Plants use photosynthesis to capture the sun’s energy, and this energy is stored as they grow providing a source of bioenergy. Bioenergy comes from trees and crops grown for their energy content and from by-products such as sewage, straw, manure, animal and vegetable fat and rubbish. These energy sources are referred to as biomass feedstocks.Biomass can be burned to produce heat. This heat can be used directly or used to generate electricity.  Biomass can also be turned into biofuels that act as substitutes for fossil fuels in transport.

  • Materials for Energy
  • Energy and Fuel Storage
  • Batteries, Super capacitors, Solar and Photovoltaic Energy
  • Use of Renewable Energy Sources

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