Energy Metabolism and Stress Management

Energy metabolism is the process of generating energy (ATP) from nutrients. Metabolism comprises a series of interconnected pathways that can function in the presence or absence of oxygen. Aerobic metabolism converts one glucose molecule into 30-32 ATP molecules. The syndrome is thought to be caused by an underlying disorder of energy utilization and storage.

The best way to manage your stress is to learn healthy coping strategies. You can start practicing these tips right away. Try one or two until you find a few that work for you. Practice these techniques until they become habits you turn to when you feel stress. You can also use this coping strategies form to see how you respond to stress. Stress-relief techniques focus on relaxing your mind and your body.

  • Energy metabolism and Transduction
  • Glucose Metabolism and Energy Production
  • Stress prevention and resilience
  • Stress Management programs
  • Health realization/innate health model
  • Yoga and Medication
  • Tools and Techniques

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