Engineering and Logistics

Supply chain management & logistics: Production and logistics gets right to the heart of the supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products to customers. Modern production and logistics methods are growing ever more complex. In Business Process, you will apply advanced software tools for enterprise resource planning and integer linear programming problems, capacity analysis of production systems, distribution planning and vehicle routing.

Logistics engineering is a field of engineering dedicated to the scientific organization of the purchase, transport, storage, distribution and warehousing of materials and finished goods.Logistics is generally a cost center service activity, but provides value via improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. It can quickly lose that value if the customer becomes dissatisfied. The end customer can include another process or work center inside of the manufacturing facility, a warehouse where items are stocked or the final customer who will use the product. Logistics engineering as a discipline is also a very important aspect of systems engineering that includes reliability engineering. It is the science and process whereby Reliability, maintainability and availability are designed into products or systems. It includes the supply and physical distribution considerations above as well as more fundamental engineering considerations

  • Global manufacturing and management
  • Low cost/Response and differentiation strategy
  • Process/Inventory/Lead time and product design characteristics
  • Supply chain risk
  • Ethics and sustainability
  • E-Procurement and internet trading
  • Distribution systems
  • Production and Materials Management
  • International Transport Systems
  • Inventory and Warehousing Management

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