Environmental Implications of Automobiles

Motor vehicle emissions contribute to air pollution and are a major ingredient in the creation of smog in some large cities. A 2013 study by MIT indicates that 53,000 early deaths occur per year in the United States alone because of vehicle emissions. According to another study from the same university, traffic fumes alone cause the death of 5000 people every year just in the United Kingdom. Ever since the advent of automobiles, the persistent problem of air pollution has been in the forefront of environmental research. It includes topic like Impact of air pollution on environment, Recyclable materials in manufacturing, Development of clean combustion and low emission engines, After treatment and emission monitoring, Emissions Control etc.
  • Impact of air pollution on environment
  • Recyclable materials in manufacturing
  • Development of clean combustion and low emission engines
  • After treatment and emission monitoring
  • Emissions Control

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