Environmental Stressors

Stressors that are found in our surroundings are called environmental stressors. Four types of Environmental Stressors have been identified. They are Cataclysmic events, Stressful life events, Daily Hassles and Ambient Stressors. Cataclysmic events are sudden catastrophic events affects whole communities of people. Stressful life events are major incidents in the lives of the people that typically require personal or social adaptive response.

The major stressors are temperature, crowding and noise, Air quality, colors, tornadoes and other natural disasters, light insects, war and other manmade disasters. Stress grows over time and is cumulative in nature. Heat is another important environmental stressor which converts large cities into urban heat islands. Environmental Stressors increases the levels of discomfort and aggression. 

  • Chemicals
  • Land change
  • Invasive species
  • Climate change
  • Neuro immunology and their effects
  • Cellular stress response
  • Environmental stress cracking systems
  • Molecular evolution in the stress
  • Landscape limnology
  • Sudden infant death syndrome
  • Osmatics changes in the environment
  • Behavioural impacts of environment stressors
  • Diathesis stress model
  • Envirommental causes of aviation stress
  • Environmental stress tolerance

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