Environmental Toxicology

Environmental Toxicology deals with the study of the toxic effects of various substances on the environment. It also deals with the study of effects of pollution of water, soil, air and the effects of pollutants on the living organisms, wildlife and deals with the movement of chemicals in the environment and their residual time.

In general, toxicology deals with the adverse effects that are caused by exposure to chemical substances by living organisms. The toxicity of a substance is difficult to determine. The toxicity of a chemical is determined through animal studies which are extrapolated to humans. The extrapolated values are then calculated for the most sensitive humans. Toxicology data helps in the estimation and determination of the risk of exposure to certain harmful chemicals.

  • Environmental contamination and toxicology
  • Environmental toxicants and stressors
  • Toxicology and environmental health
  • Environmental and analytical toxicology
  • Hazardous chemical substances
  • Environmental toxicity and mechanism
  • Environmental toxicity testing

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