Enzymology & 3D Structured Molecules

Enzymecatalyzed reactions are almost always completely stereoselective. In other words, enzyme catalyst reactions that form only a single stereoisomer.  The chemistry associated with living organisms is called biochemistry. The isolation and purification of an enzyme makes it possible to consider the reaction which it catalyses from standpoint of organic chemistry, it can be considered as a reaction between organic chemistry molecules in which the  catalyst happens to be a protein. Such a consideration allows the tools of physical organic chemistry to be applied to the study of enzyme mechanism. Stereospecificity in the enzymology  labilization of one of the 4-methylene protons of pyridoxamine has been demonstrated in the transamination of pyridoxamine catalysed by apoglutamate-oxaloacetate transaminase.  Spectrum analysis is analysis in terms of a spectrum of frequencies or related quantities such as energieseigenvalues, etc.  Synthesis and identification of some enzymes was done by keto reductase activity.

 The isolation and purification of an enzyme makes it possible to consider the reaction which it catalyses from the stand point of organic chemistry, it can be considered as a reaction between organic molecules in which the catalyst happens to be a protein. Such a consideration allows the tools of physical organic chemistry to be applied to the study of the enzyme mechanism, and, since a number of enzymes have been purified. Stereochemistry of enzymatic transamination is described as the enzymes which catalyse these reactions are called porphyrinogen decarboxylase, coproporphyrinogen III oxidase, protoporphyrinogen oxidase and ferrochelatase. In most cases in which the substrate for an enzymatic reaction contains an asymmetric carbon atom, only one enantiomorph or diastereomer will react.

  • Spectrum analysis
  • Enzyme catalysed reactions
  • Keto reductase activity
  • Stereospecificity of enzymology

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