Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, STDs & STIs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta estimate that about 12 million U.S. residents develop an STD each year, and that at least 50 percent of all people in the U.S. will develop an STD at some time before they are 35 years old. The STD that a person is likely to develop has to do with where they live as well as with whom they engage in risky sexual behavior. It also has to do with the characteristics of the organism causing the STD. Many factors contribute to the development and maintenance of STDs throughout the world - not just individual sexual behavior. There are many reasons why certain organisms are concentrated in certain geographic regions, and why certain sub- populations are at higher risk of getting an STD than others. Rural-to-urban migration, poverty, war, and lack of access to medical care or medicines are reasons why diseases explode within certain populations. While these issues exist worldwide, often they are more intense in tropical developing countries where there are fewer resources. There are types of specimens used clinical pathology

  • Incidence and prevalence of STDs
  • Disease burden
  • Factors affecting prevalence
  • STD prevention and care
  • Latest HIV/AIDS research
  • HIV in World
  • AIDS and society
  • Beginnings of the AIDS Epidemic
  • Earliest Evidence of HIV Infection around the world
  • Changes in Demographic Characteristics of Cases over Time
  • Impact of the Epidemic: AIDS Mortality
  • Prevalence and Incidence of HIV Infection
  • Estimating HIV Prevalence
  • Estimating HIV Incidence
  • Current Estimates of Prevalence and Incidence
  • HIV-2 Infection around the world
  • HIV transmission
  • Sexual transmission of HIV
  • Parenteral transmission of HIV
  • Mother-to-child transmission of HIV
  • The relative importance of factors driving HIV epidemics
  • Global trends in the HIV pandemic
  • HIV/AIDS epidemics in North Africa and the Middle-East
  • Drug abuse and addiction

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