Epidemiology of Hypertension and Public Health

If we define hypertension as BP in excess of 140/90 mm Hg, approximately 20% of the world’s adults estimated to approximately 1 billion people worldwide are expected to have hypertension which is contributing to more than 7.1 million deaths each year. The commonness of the disease has been found to be significantly higher in patients older than 60 years. In many countries, 50% of individuals belonging to this age group have been found to be affected with hypertension. Several health surveys in various countries have reported a high degree of poor control of hypertension. According to the reports, prevalence of hypertension in Canada is 22%, of which 16% is controlled. In Egypt it is 26.3%, of which only 8% is controlled and in China it is 13.6%, of which only 3% is controlled. A progressive rise in BP is observed in people with increase in their age. Hypertension due to aging appears to be mainly systolic rather than diastolic. It is evident that the prevalence of hypertension is more in black individuals than white persons. Most studies concluded in the United Kingdom and the United States shows not only a higher rate but also a lower awareness of hypertension among black people than in white people.

In public health, epidemiology plays an integral part. Epidemiology in public health aims to provide different ways to prevent disease and to promote the health of populations through the study of the occurrence and distribution of health-related states or events. This includes the study of factors influencing such states. Adequate data is required for determining the factors and minimizing or eliminating them. Epidemiologist are expected to gather these data via campaigns, health events, etc. and use them to put forward proposals that can aid the government in eliminating public health issues.


 Epidemiologist are expected to gather these data via campaigns, health events, etc. and use them to put forward proposals that can aid the government in eliminating public health issues.

  • Hypertension Incidence
  • Hypertension in Adults
  • Hypertension in Children
  • Healthcare Costs for Hypertension
  • Epidemiology & Diseases Control
  • Nutritional Epidemiology

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