Ethnomedicine & Ethnopharmacology

Ethnomedicine is an investigation or examination of the traditional drug dependent on bioactive compounds in plants and animals and practiced by different ethnic gatherings, particularly those with little access to western drugs, e.g., indigenous people groups. Scientific ethnomedical examines establish either anthropological research or drug revelation explore. Ethnopharmacology is the investigation of therapeutic plant use in specific cultural groups or investigation of differences  in responses of drugs by various cultures.

Ehnopharmacology shares a common terrain with medical anthropology and anthropology of pharmaceuticals. Ethnopharmacology additionally identifies with pharmacoepidemiology, Ethnopharmacology is likewise emphatically connected to food science, since dietary changes are generally utilized as a device to adjust wellbeing and ailment conditions, and many plant species are customarily utilized both as nourishment and for medicinal purposes.

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