Evolution and Epidemiological Aspects of Influenza

Globally, influenza activity has decreased from its peak of influenza activity. The WHO’s Global Influenza Programme (GIP) provides global standards for influenza surveillance. In addition GIP collects and analyses virological and epidemiological influenza surveillance data from around the world. The regular sharing of quality influenza surveillance and monitoring data by countries allows WHO to: provide countries, areas and territories with information about influenza transmission in other parts of the world to allow national policy makers to better prepare for upcoming seasons; describe critical features of influenza epidemiology including risk groups, transmission characteristics, and impact; monitor global trends in influenza transmission; and support the selection of influenza strains for vaccine production.

Epidemiologic investigations are critical public health functions for identifying threats to the health of a community. In an emergency, public health surveillance is the ongoing systematic collection, analysis, interpretation, and management of public health-related data to verify a threat or incident of public health concern, and to characterize and manage it effectively through all phases of the incident. Surveillance data is used to identify and monitor the arrival of influenza, its geographic spread, intensity of activity, characteristics of those infected, as well as severity and changing trends in order to guide prevention and control recommendations.

  • National and International surveillance and contingency stratergies
  • Development of bioinformatics and computational tools
  • Application of new technologies to cell-based antiviral assays
  • Application of new technologies to characterize mechanism of action and spectrum of activity
  • Influenza : Alternate treatment methods
  • Evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases

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