Exercise Science and Event Nutrition

From the athletes’ point of view there is nutrition related to workouts and events, and general nutrition. Nutrition related to workouts and events refers to nutrition before, during and after workouts and events. It is about pre-exercise, during exercise and post-exercise nutrition. It is mostly about food and carbohydrate calories and to some extent about sodium as well.

Caloric mix and quality, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients have important role to play in general or overall nutrition.

Fluid and food intake is essential for athletes before, during and after workout/Physical activity. Fluid is gradully lost from the body in the form of sweat during workout. For every amount of fluid lost during exercise, there is a rise in the body temperature and heart beat rate and in order to maintain the body temperature to normal we need to replace equal amount of fluid in the body. as a result there is a gradual decrease in the performance . Minimizing dehydration is one step towards optimal performance.

  • Pre-Exercising Nutrition
  • Weight-gain due to Pre-Exercise Hyperhyderation
  • Carbohydrate Loading for Endurance exercise
  • Nutrition while exercising
  • Fluid Balance and sweat Loss
  • Electrolyte Requirement
  • Dehydration and performance
  • Post-Exercising Nutrition
  • Muscle repair and regeneration post-exercising
  • Alchohol and recovery
  • Antioxidants
  • Hydration

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