Experimental Immunoparasitology

Immunoparasitology is "the study of the immunology of host-parasite relationships". Parasites are pathogens that simultaneously injure and derive sustenance from its host. They are skilled evaders of host immunity of host pathogen interactions. Parasites are the organisms that complete part or all of their life cycle within a host organism. Infections of humans caused by parasites number in billions and range from relatively innocuous to fatal. The diseases caused by these parasites constitute major human health problems throughout the world. The incidence of many parasitic infections (eg. schistosomiasis, malaria) have increased rather than decreased in recent years. Other parasitic illnesses have increased in importance as a result of the AIDS epidemic (eg., cryptosporidiosis, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, and strongyloidiasis).Like other pathogens, parasites must survive in the face of a highly potent immune system. Over millions of years of evolution, they succeed in this through a great diversity of strategies for avoiding immune detection, suppressing cellular immunity and deflecting immune attack mechanisms. Similarly hosts have evolved resistance in various ways to overcome their entry and existence. Host- parasite interactions provide fascinating examples of evolutionary 'arms-races' in which the immune system plays a key role.

  • Immunology of Tropical Diseases
  • Molecular Biology of Parasites
  • Molecular biology of Tropical Diseases.
  • Cell biology of tropical diseases
  • Functional genomics of parasites and vectors
  • Statistical Methods for Epidemiological and Clinical Research
  • Clinical Research Chemotherapeutic aspects of parasites

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