Exploration and Production

Modern Oil and Gas Exploration method involves various innovative techniques to find the reserves. It involves Geophysics and various geological factors, the exploration risk and licensing related with it.It requires looking for signs, careful and conscious observation of ground conditions, taking notes of different information and the evaluation of survey data. This is to be done by petroleum geoscientists.The exploration phase involves drilling wells to estimate whether a reservoir has ample of hydrocarbons to make development economically feasible.

Companies involved in the high-threat/high-reward area of exploration and production focus on searching, expanding, producing and retailing different types of oil and gas. Today, technological innovation allows more effective and systematic management of fields and better analysis of exploration scopes, reducing the need to drill innumerable exploratory wells thus saving money and minimising environmental damage. As the need to find fresh and new oil and gas deposits increases, the exploration industry will be persistently driven toward the use of more advanced investigating methods, including latest seismic technologies.

  • Various Exploration Techniques
  • Geological factors indicating Oil and Gas existence
  • Exploration risk
  • Oil and Gas reserve
  • Geophysics
  • Licensing

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